This was taken in the Fall of 2000 at Bennett Springs State Park in Missouri. The colors we're beautiful, the water was clear, the air was cool, and the fishing wasen't bad either. Just before this photo was taken, I told my friend, Jeremy, "If I drop dead right now, tell my wife I died happy!"

Some of the results of our Fall 2000 efforts at Bennet Springs.

This is Katrina with her proud catch at Bennett Springs State Park in Missouri, August 2000.

Here is Miranda, Emily, and Micki at James A. Reed Wildlife Refuge near Kansas City, Missouri. Emily is proudly holding her "Boogie Bass!" The largest fish caught during this catch and release Kid's Fishing Event. This photo was taken about June 2000.

Again at the June 2000 Kid's Event. Dad, Mom and Katrina. Katrina is holding her first catch of the day. She and Miranda each caught bigger fish as the day progressed!


Bennett Springs Photos: 2000 - 2003

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