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This is the hallowed page of honor at the Purple Sage Fishing Site, where we pay homage to the members of the team who have distinguished themselves in the sport of fishing. Here, we will acclaim notable accomplishments, and special awards, such as the Master Angler Award as issued by many States of the Union.

Name : Katrina
Date : July 26, 2003
Location Caught : Prarie Hollow Lake,
James A. Reed Wildlife Refuge
Jackson County, Missouri
Overview : Katrina caught a Ten Inch Blue Gill using a chartreuse and red, rubber jig on four pound test line. Another nine and a half inch Blue Gill, (just shy of the award size,) was caught by Katrina about 100 yards east of the first fish, using a red worm and hook. Katrina also caught and landed several respectable size Large Mouth Bass during the same afternoon. All fish were caught and released.
Award Presented : Missouri Master Angler; 10 Inch Blue Gill
Technique for Success: Light weight spinning tackle. Four to eight pound test line is used, deepening on condition. Katrina likes the “sparkly – squishy” lures.

KaKatrina with her Award Winning Fish.


The 9 1/2 Inch Blue Gill caught nearby.

Name : Jeremy
Date : May 1, 2004
Location Caught : Otter Lake,
James A. Reed Wildlife Refuge
Jackson County, Missouri
Overview : Not to be outdone by an eleven year old girl, Jeremy caught this beauty with a black and yellow micro jig on a fly rod, during very windy conditions.
Award Presented : Missouri Master Angler;
11 Inch, 1.25 Pound, Red Ear Sunfish
Technique for Success: Jeremy likes to try new and different equipment approaches to his fishing. He favors both, spin casting and fly casting gear.

Jeremy's award winning Readear Sunfish.


A Proud Master Angler with
his catch.


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